Happy Gypsy Dance 17- 160x80x4 cm

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It’s all about colors happiness and freedom!

A very beautiful large colorful abstract painting with many neon nuances, havy textured with palette knife, vibrant and emotional.
It’s all about colors happiness and freedom!
Dimensions: 160x80X4 cm – 63×31.5×1.6 inches.
Some neon nuances could not be caught by the camera.
I sign and date on the front and I also will put my relief signet on the back. I also attache an certificate of authenticity for every piece of art that I sell.
The technique: knife palette on stretched canvas on reinforced wooden chassis and professional acrylic colours.
At the end I covered with a coat of varnish, to protect it against UV and dust.
It is ready to hang on the wall.
I ship this works in cardboard boxes careful wrapped in bubble foil and protect the painting with cardboard.

Materials used:
Stretched canvas, acrylics, varnish


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