Happy Gypsy Girl Dancing Around the Fire 6


Materials used:

streched canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, knife palette, varnish

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Artist’s description:

Title: Happy Gypsy Girl Dancing Around the Fire 6
Dimensions: 120x100X4 cm.
This work is a real therapy for the eyes and for the soul. This artwork feet perfectly in a large space, a big leaving room, a hotel reception or a conference space and will feed you with solar energy all day long.
I sign and date on the front and I also will put my relief signet as you can see in the last picture. I also attache an certificate of authenticity for every piece of art that I sell.
The technique I use is: knife palette on stretched canvas on reinforced wooden chassis and professional acrylic colors.
At the end I covered with a coat of varnish, to protect it against UV and dust.
It is ready to hang on the wall.
I ship this works in cardboard boxes careful wrapped in bubble foil and protect the painting with cardboard.


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