Tranquil XXII- Large Abstract Impasto Painting


A scenic abstract textural artwork with gradient blue tones and hues.


Elevate your space with this original abstract painting! Made on stretched heavy canvas, the edges are painted for a polished look. The glossy varnish not only protects from UV and dust but also enhances the vivid acrylic pigments. Perfectly sized at 120x100x2 cm (47.3×39.4×0.8 inches), it’s ready to hang and make a statement in your home or office.
READY TO HANG! Original abstract painting
The technique: stretched heavy canvas on wooden reinforced chassis and professional acrylic pigments layered by pallet knife. At the end it was covered with a glossy coat of varnish, to protect it against UV and dust.
Will have attach an certificate of authenticity for every piece of sold art, and will be signed and dated on front and back.

Materials used:

proffesional streched canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, varnish